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The Full Story


After retirement in 2015, writing a novel was at the top of my bucket list. A publisher accepted Human Strays in December 2020 and published it in 2021. Family Curse followed in 2022, and The Red  Flock was released in 2023. Writing novels is infectious—a happy condition my fellow writers and I share. I graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a degree in journalism, and worked for seven years as a reporter. Most of that time, my 'beat' included covering police, fire, and criminal justice. A long career in public relations followed. 


Each one of my novels is built around a theme: Angel of Mercy (death with dignity), Human Strays (the tragedy of homelessness), Family Curse (intergenerational violence), and The Red Flock (saving disappearing species).


Everyone deserves dignity in life and in death.

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